It may take several weeks for a painting to be made. This estimate varies depending on the number of orders I have received. It will also depend on your order, a painting with several subjects takes more time than with just one. However, during our discussions, I will inform you of what time frame I believe is necessary.

I’m not sure my photo is good enough, how can I be sure?

Nothing could be simpler, just send me your photo and I will tell you if its quality is good enough for me to work. For this, use this form.

How can I hang the painting on the wall?

I install a metallic sawtooth picture hanger on the back of the painting. It can be attached to the wall using a small nail.

I would like to order a painting with several people, but I only have separate photos of each person, is this possible or do I need to find a group photo?

Yes it’s possible ! According to your photos, I can make a digital editing to bring people together on a single stage, so I can show you the results before I start painting.

I have a really nice photo of a person, but I would like to change some aspects of it, is it possible to edit / retouch the photo?

Yes, I can pre-edit your photo. For example, removing a temporary unsightly detail like a pimple, dark circles. However, I recommend keeping all of a person’s asperities fixed, as they are part of the aesthetic personality of a face such as wrinkles, birthmarks, scars, etc. Other cosmetic modifications can be made such as changing the color of clothing.

I have a picture of a person who is dear to me, but it’s an old black and white photograph, can you paint it in color?

Yes, I can do a digital colorization of the photo in order to best restore the original colors. After showing it to you, I can start painting it.

Do you paint landscapes?

No, not for the moment. Also, your custom portraits can’t have a complex background other than a solid / gradient background, but in some cases I can add some background detail. You can see examples of commissioned portraits in the gallery-shop section.

Can I order a painting of my pet?

No I don’t paint animals (maybe someday)

Can you send the painting directly to the person I’m offering it to?

Of course, you just have to give me his address.

Can I make changes after the painting is finished?

I don’t make any changes after painting is finished. This could affect its overall quality since every detail is taken into account according to the others from the start of the realization.

I hesitate between cartoon style and traditional style: how do I choose?

It depends on your preference. Quick tip: Think about the first paint that caught your eye, usually the first choice is the right one. Having said that, if you can’t make up your mind or if this is a painting to offer, I can give you some advice … For that, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What medium do you paint on?

I only paint on 1cm thick mdf wood primed with several coats of gesso. It is a support that provides a perfectly smooth surface, moreover it is very strong and durable.