1. Choose style

I explore two different styles when painting a portrait from a photo.

My Cartoon style is mainly based on facial exaggerations, vibrant colors and I often favor humor.

My Traditional style connects to the reality of the proportions of the face but I add my personal touch by choosing more intense colors than in the original photo.



Peinture acrylique d'une mère et de son bébéPeinture acrylique d'une mère et de son bébé


Peinture acrylique d'une femme enceinte à la plagePeinture acrylique d'une femme enceinte à la plage

2. Choose size


I use a different orientation (landscape / portrait / square) depending on the photo you send me. I can choose according to several criteria (number of subjects, framing, pose of the subject etc.) which orientation will best highlight your subject.

There are three different sizes to choose from for each orientation. You will have all the details concerning the sizes of the paintings by consulting my Pricing page.

Some examples : -18,5×26,2cm (landscape / portrait) -29,7x42cm (landscape / portrait) -20x20cm (square)

3. Order

Payment :

Once we have agreed together on the personalized artwork, you can proceed to payment for your order. Once the payment is validated, I start the realization of your painting. At this point no further changes can be made to the painting. Payment is made by credit card or by transfer.

The realization of your painting

I send you a photo of the portrait then it is sent immediately. The time to complete your table can take a long time and will vary depending on the number of orders I have to make. I will not be able to expedite your order if it affects the quality. Quality is and always will be my top priority.

Further informations

  • Detailed backgrounds are not accepted. Only plain backgrounds or gradients are made.
  • A fixing hook allows you to hang the painting at home.
  • I paint only with acrylic paint on MDF wood with a thickness of 10mm.
  • Your photos can be edited according to your request.
  • In general I sign behind the artwork but I can sign in front if you wish.
  • Once finished, the painting is varnished.

Let’s go !

Have you made your choice ? All you have to do is complete the form to place the order. Do not hesitate to ask me your questions in the “Comments / questions” section. You can also consult the FAQ. If you have already selected your photo (s), do not forget to include them, telling me the desired changes, if there are any.

If you want a totally personalized work, please select "Other request" and describe your idea as precisely as possible. It could be something completely different from a portrait, a larger format etc. After analyzing your request, I will tell you if it is feasible.


The artwork is protected in bubble wrap and cardboard for safe transport. Insurance is included in the shipping costs in the event of loss of the package. In addition, thanks to the parcel number, you have the possibility to follow its progress.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me !

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